Judy Su


Judy is a credentialed diabetes educator with a background in pharmacy. She earned her pharmacy degree from the University of South Australia before deciding to advance her career in diabetes education at Deakin University. Judy has practiced in multiple locations as a pharmacist and is accredited by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) to conduct home medication reviews.

Her dedication to helping people with diabetes is deeply rooted in her love for family members and relatives affected by the condition. Currently, Judy serves as a facilitator with DiabetesWA and Spirit Healthcare, delivering workshops and courses to empower individuals in managing their diabetes effectively.

Her motto: “Empowering Lives, Defying Limits: Diabetes is Just a Chapter in Our Stories.” In her free time, Judy enjoys reading, playing the piano, and exploring various foods and activities.

Judy is available for appointments on Tuesdays. Cost: $80 per visit. Patients referred on an eligible care plan receive a rebate of $58.30.


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